7 Latest Android Games for the Latest June 2020

Bisatau.com – Entering June some Android mobile games are dominated by action games. In the fifth largest position, some of the top action games such as Action Shooter, Action Strategy, Action Survival, and Action Arcade.

Several rows of this game into the Top Free on Android with a number of downloaders of up to 100 million people. The last few months many android users who download games that are lightweight and do not drain the brain because of strategy.

Here are some of the games that entered the ranking of the Top 7 Free on Playstore. Some offline games that go into Top Free are Save The Girl, Worms Zone, Brain Out, and Draw Joust.

But in the last month Free Fire entered the third rank in the Action Shooter game with the Battle Royale genre, now successfully occupying the top game position.

Top 7 Popular Android Games June 2020

1. Garena Free Fire

This Android game battle royale genre namely Garena Free Fire entered the top rank in the Top Free action game. Released in November 2017 by developer 111 dot studios. This game has been downloaded 500 million times for Android users.

Each round lasts for 10 minutes, and there are up to 49 players on an island. Players are required to live in a safe zone and be declared the winner.

2. Mobile Legends : Bang Bang

This Moba game is Mobile Legend Bang Bang which was released 4 years ago. But until now enthusiasts and downloaders of this application are still quite a lot in Playstore and become a popular game on Android.

Since its launch in 2016 and has been downloaded more than 100 million times of any age. This MOBA game provides many choices of hero, skin and type of battle you want to play.

In the popular 5 vs 5 mode the player is required to destroy the opponent’s turret to win the match.

3. Save The Girl

This recently released Android game is quite popular and has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the PlayStore. This game developer is Lion Studios and finally developed launching a game that is easy to play.

The mission in this game is quite simple, you are only assigned to save the girl from the work of kidnapped-headed Unicorns and monsters like Zombies that appear in the game.

4. Worms Zone

After the game’s release in the past 2 years, Worms Zone.io has been downloaded more than 50 million times. This Casual Action game genre has a fairly large Android fan.

This game is inspired by the 90’s game with a color screen, while Worm Zone offers a modern and modern sensation of the game.

To play this game the user must eat other snakes so that his body becomes large. This game can be played online using the internet.

5. Brain Out – Can you pass it?

This game is included in the category of Puzzle and Educational. It offers simple graphics and looks relaxed.

But the higher the level we face, the more difficult questions will be asked. Make our brains think creatively.

Focus Apps develops this game so that our brains can think logically, reflexes, accuracy to the level of our creativity.

This game play is quite simple and can be played by everyone.

6. Draw Joust!

This game is very light when running on Android and only requires 43MB of storage space. Just like the name of the application, we were given the mission Joust.

The mission was like a kind of sports battle like the Medieval Knights, they were tasked for the war using horses.

There are no horses in this game, instead we have to draw the vehicle ourselves we want to use.

If we succeed in describing a good vehicle, we can win the game.

7. ASMR Slicing

If you’ve ever heard what an ASMR trigger effect on Youtube is like someone slicing soap. Android game on this one is quite light we only need to provide a memory of 58 MB when downloading it the first time.

In the ASMR Slicing game you are asked to cut buildings from kinetic sand or kinetic sand. When you slice it using a knife, you will hear a sound that can trigger ASMR.

That was the popular Android Top Free game that you can play. If you are interested, download it immediately.


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