Google Sued 70 Trillion Due to Tapping User Data Via Incognito Mode – The most popular internet company in the world, Google, has been sued to pay compensation of $ 5 billion (Rp. 70 trillion). This is allegedly because Google secretly collects user data through Incognito mode.

The lawsuit has been passed by federal court in San Jose, California. The lawsuit urges Google not to collect data secretly by utilizing Incognito mode on smartphones and other devices.

Mode incognito Google
Mode incognito Google

Known incognito mode is a feature of browsing in cyberspace without having to worry about privacy. Because incognito mode hides the user’s identity and history when activated.

In addition to the incognito mode, Google allegedly has also collected user data using Google Analytic services, Google Ad Manager, as well as several plugins provided for smartphones. These data to understand the behavior of users when the browser on the internet.

The response from Google on the matter said that it would continue to maintain the company’s position with the maximum possible effort. Associated with incognito mode, that a number of sites accessed with incognito mode can only collect user information. However, it does not mention whether the site is owned by Google or not.

Reportedly, from these demands Google is affected by millions of Google users who are active and often use the incognito mode. From each affected user, Google is fined for paying Rp. 70.8 Million because it is considered to have tapped the user’s data quietly, this Regulation applies in the state of California, USA.


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