8 Instagrammable water attractions in Klaten and mandatory to visit – For those of you who are interested in water tourism and want to find alternative tourist attractions besides those in Yogyakarta, there’s nothing wrong with stopping by and trying to go to a neighboring city, namely in Klaten. The reason is clear that there are many tours that must be visited besides temples and also other fun natural attractions.

Klaten has very interesting water tours and must be visited, From waterfalls to beautiful natural banners, the results of the creativity of the residents, Klaten has many water attractions that offer lots of fun, including Instagramable Photo Spots to just cool off, Interested in wanting to try water attractions in Klaten?
Below we have some interesting places to visit.

1. Umbul Kapilaler Yang Natural Banget.

Umbul di Klaten Kapilaler via Instagram/@sholmad

Want to soak in fun and cool water tourist destinations, Umbul Kapilaler in Klaten can be an option for you, not only fresh and clear water but also the location of the pennant that seems cool and natural. Want to add to the excitement, please try diving and see the base of the banners filled with tree roots that are second to none and very cool.

It is said that the capillary umbul used to be a bathing place for a princess. Therefore, until now the pool is still used by residents to bathe in the morning and evening. This pool is also still beautiful surrounded by rocks. The scenery is also quite beautiful with several trees so it is suitable for playing water or sitting by the pool.

To enter Umbul Kapilaler Klaten is very cheap, only set aside 5000 money to enjoy all the beauty around this pool. Moreover, the Kapillaer Umbul is no less good than the other pennants in Klaten. Pool water is also clear and clean without chemicals because the area is adjacent to Sigedang which is a source of water and is often used as drinking water.

2. Umbul Manten dan kisahnya.

Umbul Manten via

Tourists of Umbul Manten are spoiled with natural scenery that is so magnificent and still beautiful. The atmosphere is far from the touch of pollution that damages the environment. Around the natural pool there are many trees that resemble large banyan trees. Shady and lush Ipik trees towering around the pool area. The establishment of these trees is one of the potentials in this area.

Because the number of trees is quite a lot, it makes the atmosphere in this tourist spot cool. This shady area is still natural and looks rarely penetrated by sunlight. The panorama of green rice fields on the right and left also adds to the beautiful scenery.

Do not forget the story, namely there is a legend about the origin of the mention of Umbul Manten. Once there was a husband and wife who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in this place for violating custom. The custom in question is the prohibition of leaving the house together for 40 days after the wedding.

3. Umbul Siblarak

Umbul Siblarak via

Umbul Siblarak is located in Jatirejo Hamlet, Sidowayah Village, Polanharjo District, Klaten Regency, Central Java. This Umbul consists of 2 pools where one of the pools has a bluish white tile floor, creating the effect of clear and very blue water. While one is left to be more natural. Umbul Siblarak is in the middle of rice fields so that it looks contrasting there is a bathing pool in the middle of green rice fields.

There are interesting rides at Umbul Siblarak. His name is Flying Byur, a vehicle similar to Flying Fox but landing in the water. So the sensation will be ‘Byur’ and get soaked. You who need a picnic will definitely be interested in trying Flying Byur, right? Don’t be afraid, it’s safe. It’s only in Umbul Siblarak, Klaten.

The entrance fee to the Umbul Siblarak tourist area is relatively affordable, which is set at IDR 5,000 / person with a parking fee of IDR 2,000 / unit for motorbikes and IDR 5,000 for cars / unit. Meanwhile, the tariff for Flying Byur rides is IDR 10,000, ATV rental IDR 25,000, and mini trail IDR 15,000. It’s cheap, right. So when do you visit there?

4.Umbul Cokro yang seru.

Umbul Cokro via

Who doesn’t like playing water? Especially if the water is cold and refreshing enough! Not to mention the nuance and atmosphere which is also fun to enjoy the day. At Cokro Spring, Klaten, you can get that “luxury” and enjoy the freshness, which is sure to refresh your frantic heart and mind. The clarity and freshness of the water, plus a natural green atmosphere, are the hallmarks of Umbul Cokro Tulung Waterboom tourism. Tourists who want to play at Waterboom don’t need to worry about being expensive. Ticket prices for Umbul Cokro Tulung Waterboom are offered starting from IDR 15,500.

The natural nuances around OMAC seem endless. One way to enjoy it is by playing rafting. With rocky paths and swift currents, that beauty is mixed with thrilling experiences. In this vehicle, visitors are given double big tires and buoys, so it is safe to use.

Apart from going through a challenging route, rafting will take visitors to a waterfall. Although not very high, this waterfall is wide and very beautiful. Even though they don’t do rafting, visitors can also take pictures here as a memento

5.Umbul Brintik dan terapinya.

Umbul brintik via

Umbul Br Titik is so easily accessible. Traveled by private vehicles, both cars and motorbikes. Given that there is no public transportation that takes you to the natural baths. Even so, getting to therapeutic tourism destinations is still easy to reach by following the existing road directions.

Umbul Br Titik put forward therapeutic tourism destinations to the visitors. Even so, in addition to the main pool and shower, there are still four other pools that tourists can use to their heart’s content. Starting from the pool for children to adults with natural scenery around it that is still natural.

Regarding the facilities, it is quite complete. Starting from toilets and changing rooms in every corner of the Umbul Br Titik area is also available. Likewise with locker services for storing various important items during swimming and therapy activities. There are also tire rentals for tourists who want to swim.

6.Umbul Jolotundo.

Umbul jolotundo via

The tourist attraction of Umbul Jolotundo Klaten is precisely located in Jambeyan village, Karanganom sub-district, Klaten. This tourist attraction is visited by many tourists, especially during the school holidays. Visiting there will amaze you with its beautiful natural scenery. To make it easier to get to Jolotundo, you can use the Google maps application.

The attraction of the Umbul Jolotundo Klaten destination besides its beautiful natural charm, the residents around it are also friendly to visitors who come. Based on community stories, these tourist attractions also have historical value. In the past, there was Demang who lived around Umbul Jolotundo and his daughter, who was named Roro Amis. The name was given because her daughter had a skin disease and had a fishy smell

Regarding the price of the entrance ticket for Umbul Jolotundo, Klaten is also relatively affordable, which is only charged IDR 5,000 per person, the entrance fee is very cheap so don’t worry about visiting Umbul Jolotundo

7.Umbul Pluneng.

Umbul Pluneng via

Pluneng is an acronym for fun or swim in the water and be happy. The name is sufficient to describe the atmosphere in Umbul Pluneng. There will be a sense of pleasure when you soak in enjoying the natural scenery. Especially if you do it with friends. There are statues that make it even more beautiful.

The existence of Umbul Pluneng has been around since time immemorial. Since hundreds of years ago, in fact and is still preserved today. Even Umbul Pluneng continues to grow and improve. If in the past there was only a pool for bathing, now Umbul Pluneng already has a number of other rides. Even at the end of February 2020, a waterpark was inaugurated, which is still in the same location as Umbul Pluneng.

Umbul Pluneng is also a place for healing therapy for various diseases. For example, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, nerve clamp, diabetes, aches, and other diseases. When you want to undergo therapy, visitors can use the services of a therapist at Umbul Pluneng.

8.Umbul Ponggok dengan keindahan bawah airnya.

Umbul Ponggok via

Umbul Ponggok has become the most popular tourist destination in Klaten in recent years. The unique underwater scenery is the reason. You can watch television, cycle, ride a motorbike or “go to school” and a variety of other activities.

This tourist spot is quite different from swimming pools in general. The water comes directly from the spring. The bottom of the pond also has sand, coral, and various types of fish. Even though it is full of fish, the water in Umbul Ponggok is not fishy because the water continues to flow. Tourists who enter the pool can find several interesting photo spots.

Umbul Ponggok is the first water vehicle in Indonesia that provides the sensation of snorkeling and diving not in the sea but in a cool and refreshing natural spring pool. Our atmosphere of happiness will be felt complete by capturing videos or underwater photos.

Exciting and unique activities that you want to do are underwater photos with various themes and properties. The manager of Umbul Ponggok has provided photo services and underwater camera rental services with experienced operators. We can take pictures alone or hang out with friends or relatives.

and for the price of the entrance ticket itself is IDR 15,000 per person for weekdays and holidays. However, the price does not include underwater cameras, snorkeling equipment, and diving packages. Isn’t it quite interesting?

Those are some of the pennants in Klaten which are interesting tourist objects. Set aside a special time to explore all of the above destinations. Then enjoy the freshness that comes straight from nature. From the list above, which Klaten tourist destination do you want to visit the most?


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