Messenger Lite Facebook Supports GIF Animation

MENLO PARK – After two years on Android, finally the Messenger Lite application gets updates from Facebook. Some new features have been pinned on the messenger lite.

First, users can already use sending and viewing animated GIFs. To send an animated GIF in chat chat, the user must use a third-party keyboard application, then search for the GIF that you want and share in the chat. Third parties are used to prevent the stored application file capacity being small.

In addition, quoted from the Phone Arena page, Saturday (12/08/2018) Messenger Lite users can now be used to send files by clicking the “+” button and selecting the file to send, then clicking the send icon.

There are other interesting features too, for example users can also change the color of text bubbles in conversations and change the name of the chat.

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The Facebook party has succeeded in creating Messenger Lite under 10MB with many attractive features, Messenger Lite itself was created for Smartphones that can only accommodate small applications or a little memory capacity in the smartphone.

In addition to the features announced, Facebook also shares some information about upcoming Messenger Lite plans, the next version will include improving the quality and speed of applications and minimizing the occurrence of bugs and content violations.


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