Traveloka Add Flight Status Feature to Simplify Consumers

JAKARTA – Recently, one of the application-based travel service companies, Traveloka, launched its newest feature, flight status.

The steps provided by Traveloka are very effective, because this feature allows users to track the flight departure status of aircraft in real time and in any conditions. In addition, this feature can also be used for families and close relatives who want to pick up their colleagues in the airport.

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Senior Development President of Business Development, Caesar Indra, said that the flight status feature makes it easy for users who have arrived in the airport, to be able to get flight information without having to look for the departure schedule board at the destination.

“So with the presence of this feature, the information can be more easily obtained only with the touch of a finger and users can also share information on flight status to their closest family and relatives when needed,” Caesar said in his official statement in Jakarta on Saturday (12/08/2018 )

This feature has begun to exist if you update the Traveloka 3.6.0 version. By opening the main page, select the Flight Status feature.

Then fill in detailed flight information with the choice of Route or Flight Code. Click “View Status” and the real time flight status information will be displayed on the screen.

“The presence of the Flight Status feature for the first time by Traveloka, is expected to help reduce anxiety and answer the anxiety of both passengers and relatives in waiting for certainty of flight schedules, so that the user’s journey can be more planned,” Caesar added.

This feature also allows users to see the flight status directly on the e-ticket in your Orders section.


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