AMD Launches Its Latest 7nm Processor in Las Vegas

Beijing – AMD CEO Lisa Su has confirmed that it will announce the release of a 7nm CPU and the latest graphics card at the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which is scheduled to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, United States (US) on January 8 to January 11, 2019.

In a recent interview with the consumer technology association (CTA), Lisa Su stated, the company will release some interesting information at the CES 2019 event, while confirming that they will discuss a number of next generation products.

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Most importantly, he said, AMD also plans to discuss deep partnerships and how to accelerate the pace of innovation. Unfortunately Lisa Su did not provide a clearer understanding of what he said.

Lisa said, she hoped this year would be a momentum for the company. Moreover, it will switch to the 7nm TSMC manufacturing process to update the Zen2 architecture and Navi on each CPU and GPU.


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