Radeon RX 570 4GB GDDR5 vs GTX 1050 Ti, which one is good? – Why buy something expensive, when there is a much cheaper option with more convincing value. This also applies to the affairs of the VGA alias graphics card between the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and the Radeon RX 570 4GB GDDR5. Specifically, these two options may be almost the same, but the performance offered can be much different.

As what Techspot revealed, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti may be very good for 1080p gaming performance, but the presence of the Radeon RX 570 with a capacity of 4GB GDDR5 can provide a far more effective performance, even with a high degree of gaming performance difference.

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In the past, users might prefer the GTX 1050 Ti series (especially when AMD graphics cards have a very high price value to achieve). Because besides having the right price, the performance offered is quite meaningful for gamers who want a comfortable Fps value for the latest game titles on their gaming rig systems. On the other hand, the AMD Radeon RX 570 may be much better in terms of performance, but the price that was presented before is really too expensive to talk about, especially when when mining digital currencies is on the wind.

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But now, everything seems to be much more pleasing to gamers with limited budgets, when the Radeon RX 570 series now comes with a much more affordable price offer, especially for options with 4GB VRAM. On the other hand, the performance offered is still too strong for the GTX 1050 Ti and sometimes the choice feels more expensive from day to day.

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Techspot proves all that, when they compare between the GTX 1050 Ti and the Radeon RX 570 with a capacity of 4GB GDDR5. Of all the benchmarks in some 1080p gaming, the Radeon RX 570 is the best solution with a very high FPS value to be achieved when compared to the GTX 1050 Ti.

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For this reason, if you plan to upgrade the latest graphics card with the potential for great performance for 1080p gaming, between the High-Ultra settings and the Fps value is very comfortable, the Radeon RX 570 4GB GDDR5 choice is very recommended, although the value of power consumption offered is much higher when compared to the GTX 1050 Ti.

Well, if you are looking for one of the choices of the Radeon RX 570 4GB GDDR5, you can see the full selection here, including the price offered. Some of these choices even have values below 3 million (some even have a value of 2.5 million).



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