Unique, Chicken Noodles A Only Only Rp 2000? Can Be Tried

Ever imagined there was a serving of chicken noodles priced at Rp. 2,000? You can find it in a chicken noodle shop located in Dukuh Gondang, Grasak Village, Gondang District, Sragen, Central Java

A food stall that sells chicken noodles for Rp. 2,000 per serving is now a talk of warganet.

The cheap cheap chicken noodle shop is viral thanks to the information shared by Facebook account owner Ryan Koclok on Monday (1/14/2019). The photo was shared in the Facebook group Lapong Wong Sragen which received various Warganet responses.

Mi ayam seporsi hanya Rp2.000 (Facebook)

Warganet who saw the upload did not believe the price of a portion of chicken noodles was so cheap. In the upload it was shown sightings of a generous portion of cheap chicken noodles for Rp. 2,000.

“What is a bowl like this, how come it’s only Rp. 2,000? Maybe it’s a mini bowl. Not a standard standard bowl of people selling,” Amelia Galeh commented.

“How come everything is expensive, yes, there are still chicken noodles at a price of Rp. 2,000. Maybe you have your own items. Can you profit, bro?” asked Yull Yullex.

“Very cheap, sir. Make a branch in Solo. I will go there every day,” added Agus Paryono.


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