Honda PCX Electric has not yet been marketed, see the reason

PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched Honda PCX Electric in response to the trend of electric motorcycles at the Holiday In, Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat, Thursday 31 January 2019. This model comes with an elegant appearance and luxury features of Honda PCX. Honda PCX Electricity relies on a power source of two 50 volt electric batteries.

Until now, AHM will not sell Honda PCX Electric. Since the launch, they will open PCX Electric rentals to companies or government institutions that want to use them. Alias ​​rentals are done business to business. Minimum rental is carried out by AHM for 2 years.

AHM Shigeto Marketing Director Kimura revealed there were 2 reasons Honda had not sold PCX Electric. “Regarding the high cost, we do not want to charge directly to consumers. Both of us want to be responsible for battery management, we are easier to collect so as not to damage the environment,” he said.

Possibly later sold to direct consumers, Thomas Wijaya, Director of Marketing of AHM, revealed that he would learn first in the rental process. From a period of 2 years, AHM will collect data on habit issues, distance traveled and battery strength. “We will study later,” he said.

Until now, AHM has prepared a charger station that can be used to recharge Honda PCX Electric batteries even though they can also be charged at home for longer periods of time.



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