2 Harley-Davidson Brand Electric Bicycles, SUV Equivalent Prices

Harley-Davidson, introduces two new motorcycle concepts that are powered by electricity. Two electric motorcycles this concept comes after previously Harley-Davidson announced its electric motorbike, LiveWire, which was priced at US $ 29,799 or almost Rp.420 million.

The two electric motorbike concept explores the potential of future urban mobility that adopts two-wheeled vehicles, in addition to Harley-Davidson’s efforts to expand the market.

Harley electric motorbikes are designed to have agility and maneuverability for driving experience, and ease of use, according to Harley-Davidson in his official statement, quoted Wednesday 30 January 2019.

Because for urban users who have high mobility, Harley designed the battery for the two motorcycles the concept, can be removed, and allows it to be taken to office space or to be charged at home.

Harley-Davidson did not reveal when the two lightweight concept electric motorbikes would be mass-produced, according to the Harley Davidson page.



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