It turns out that Playing PUBG and Fortnite can Increase Work Productivity

Many people think that playing games is something negative and has a bad impact on people who are addicted. But who would have thought, the latest research actually revealed that playing Fortnite and PUBG games turned out to increase work productivity.

In addition to productivity, playing games with friends at Fortnite and PUBG can also increase cooperation between office mates.

According to the results of the latest research from Brigham Young University (BYU), United States, revealed that playing games for 45 minutes together at Fornite, PUBG, and Halo 4 turned out to increase productivity.

” The company spends thousands of dollars on building work cohesiveness. But after this research, I think, go buy an Xbox, ” said BYU professor Greg Anderson.

The researchers recruited 352 individuals and randomly divided them into 80 teams.

The researcher ensured that no participant who had a previous relationship was in the same team.

The team was tested before and after participating in a number of activities, including playing video games, with competitive “geocaching” exercises called Findamine.

The exercise will give participants brief text-based instructions for finding landmarks.

PUBG Mobile. (Twitter/@PUBGMOBILE)

The researchers found a team consisting of gamers or people who had played the game, increased their actual performance in the second round of Findamine significantly.

The average score they succeeded in achieving increased from 435 to 520 points.

“Video games are likely to be truly feasible and even optimal alternatives for team building,” said lead researcher Mark Ketih, quoted from The Inquirer.

The researchers claim that we don’t need to be heavyweight gamers to see positive effects and team play.

Newbie or beginner gamers can even build more compact working relationships after playing the game.

Games like Fortnite and PUBG, especially when played in teams of 2 or 4 people, can indeed develop teamwork.

Penelitian mengenai video game dapat meningkatkan produktivitas. (AIS)

But that can be achieved if the office person plays in a team and opens a solo (playing alone).

The researcher explained that this game can test people’s ability to make quick decisions and work together in a fairly acute or challenging environment.

Players must be prepared to give and receive clear instructions from their teammates to survive and achieve victory.

That reason is what according to researchers can make cooperative relationships between teams increase.

While productivity can increase due to the game also requires high reflexes to detect enemies.

The results of research on playing Fortnite and PUBG games can increase work productivity has been published in the journal AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction.



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