AMD Radeon VII is far greater than its competitor RTX 2080

AMD Radeon VII can be a strong candidate to fight the power of the GeForce RTX Series. In fact, the leakage of the 3DMark benchmark results from this latest graphics card shows very good value and leads to RTX 2080 performance.

Although it has been announced at CES 2019, the GPU itself will only be released on February 7, 2019, where it will carry a large 16GB HBM2 power, 3840 Stream Processor and can provide bandwidth performance of up to 1TB / s. The price offered will be at the level of $ 699, or around Rp. 9.7 million, and it is an SRP that is almost the same as the RTX 2080.

From the benchmark results on the UL 3DMark began, Radeon VII was able to reach the Fire Strike score of 19,210, which according to Techradar, this result was able to beat the RTX 2080 score with a value of 17,810. This certainly can be a separate capital for AMD to still be able to compete in the high-end GPU series. In fact, in tests that pushed graphics cards further, such as the Fire Strike Extreme and Ultra tests, the Radeon VII was still better, superior to the RTX 2080 capability.

On the other hand, the Radeon VII is also claimed to have its own superiority, especially as the chipset depreciation process of up to 7nm will certainly bring power consumption to be far more effective, even though real performance has not been fully proven.

And it turns out, according to the VideoCardz website, they state that this graphics card can perform better when paired with AMD Ryzen 2700X than is done with an Intel Core i9-9900K based system. That could prove a strong selling point for all AMD systems when Radeon VII was launched on February 7 for $ 700.

With the increasing number of new benchmark appearances, the upcoming AMD Radeon VII can be another alternative choice when compared to the great GeForce RTX 2080. Unfortunately, there won’t be a special model when launched, where a new OEM model will be available in May at Computex.



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