Apple Will Block Google and Facebook in the Internal iOs Application

Apple reportedly has turned off Google’s ability to distribute internal iOS applications, following similar news issued to Facebook.

Reporting from The Verge page, that the initial version of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail, and other pre-release beta applications has stopped functioning today.

In a Google spokesperson’s statement “We are working with Apple to fix temporary interruptions on some of our company’s iOS applications, which we hope will be resolved soon.”

Apple seems to be working more closely with Google to improve the situation.

Apple iPhone XS Max. (Pakutaso)

Apple’s move to block Google developer certificates came only a day after Google deactivated the Screenwise Meter application.

Google’s personal application is designed to monitor how people use the iPhone, similar to the Facebook research application.

In a previous statement regarding the abolition of Facebook certificates, Apple indeed warned that ” any developer who uses their company certificates to distribute applications to consumers will be revoked. ”

Apple clearly adheres to the rules that apply equally to Facebook, Google and many other companies that are known to violate Apple’s rules in the future.

Ilustrasi Facebook. (Pixabay/Simon)

Currently Facebook’s internal iOS application has returned to function, because Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has restored his company certificate.

Likewise with Apple and Google’s statement explaining the two companies are still in the stage of fixing problems and working together.

Meanwhile, there is some growing evidence that a number of companies are using Apple’s corporate programs to distribute applications to consumers.

IOS developer Alex Fajkowski found that Amazon, DoorDash, and Sonos all distributed beta versions of their applications to non-employees.

If possible, Apple was forced to take action against some of these applications or even change the entire company’s program in the future.



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