Facebook Reveals Allegations of Collecting Face Data Through 10 Years Challenge

10 Years Challange started viral on social media since the beginning of January 2019. Many netizens have shared their face comparison photos between now compared to 10 years ago.

For example photos originating from 2009 and 2019. Then this photo is shared to social media, including Facebook.

Viral 10 Years Challange was also followed by news of accusations that Facebook used it to collect human face data. This data is used to train facial recognition machines or face recognition.

This Facebook social media representative has also given his rebuttal in the case of the 10 Years Challange charge.

“So far we have no comments about that. But the news about face recognition is not there, ” said Facebook Indonesia’s communications leader, Putri Dewanti, told the media in Jakarta on Monday (01/21/2019).

10 years challenge versi Joshua. (Instagram_Jojosuherman)head

A number of technology practitioners suspect Facebook is utilizing the # 10 Challenge Challenge to collect user face data. The data will be used to train facial recognition technology.

US technology practitioner Kate O’Neill, quoted by Wired, put forward her analysis of this challenge.

According to him, through this challenge, Facebook can obtain samples of people’s facial change data in 10 years efficiently and effectively.

Facebook previously denied the allegations. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s social media, the challenge of 10 Years Challange did not start on Facebook.

Immediately after 10 Years Challange was viral on social media, netizens made various variations not only of photos of themselves, but, photos of pets to the difference in atmosphere in a city over the past 10 years. ( Liberty Jemadu)



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