Google Duo Creates Valentine’s Day Special Video Effects

Google Duo Prepares the Effects of Special Videos on Valentine’s Day – Google Duo is a video call application made by Google that seems to be present with the aim of defeating competitors who have been diving longer in video call applications such as Skype and FaceTime.

The Google Duo application will soon receive version 46 update for Android and will come up with a solution for an abundant list of contacts for the application. In addition, users only need to tap the three point overflow menu at the top right of the screen. After they tap it they will be able to see the new “Add to favorites” option when they choose it they will see a list of their favorite contacts and a complete contact list too.

Not only that, because users can also choose contact names to add them to their Duo’s favorite list. The new version of Google Duo will also have a code that prepares Special Video Effects on Valentine’s Day that will be present in the next few days.

In this case you are far away and you cannot be near it on Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Then this video will have a romantic theme that will help you to express what you want to convey. Of course this will help a lot to bridge the distance if you are separated by distance.

It looks like there will be a “Single tap Valentine effect” and there are also those who say “Single tap Valentine’s home screen hint effect” many also assume if the video effect without referring to Valentine’s Day, so Google can immediately add another neat new video that looks unrelated to holiday.

For that, let’s just wait for the update of the Google Duo version 46 application, initially this update will be available for Android and possibly iOS, so that smartphone users can feel the same video effects.

Thus the review of the Google Duo application is preparing a special video effect for Valentine’s Day, hopefully the above review can be useful information for you active Google Duo users, and so let’s just wait for the launch of its features.


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