Xiaomi Will Launch a Foldable Version of Tablet?

With the presence of various smartphones, smartphone vendors are competing to launch their smartphones with interesting innovations. Now, maybe the race on a foldable display is becoming a trend and we are certainly waiting for who will market it for the first time.

A number of big names like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei have confirmed there is something they are working on in this section. The shocking news comes from Xiaomi being a new competitor in the race for foldable devices.

Leaker with his Twitter account @evleaks sent a short video tweet that showed a tablet that could be folded twice from its large display. Even the two ends can be folded backwards and you can use the center only.

But @Evleaks does not often post something with skepticism so to find out whether he posted it intentionally or just wanted to get a response from his followers, however the video shows some things that people like.

For starters you can see the folds clearly even before the device is folded back and that adds authenticity as the initial prototype. In addition you will also really like the way the UI works after you fold the two edges of the screen back. You can also find out by looking at the status place and navigation tab when the device is folded.

In addition, by folding the device back then it is not technically “folding” the display because the panel wraps the back with fingers that have a better function with the current display technology.

Thus the review about Xiaomi is reportedly going to launch a tablet that can be folded, hopefully the above review can be useful information for you Xiaomi fans or those who are curious about Xiaomi folding tablets, and so let’s just wait for the truth whether Xiaomi will launch this tablet?


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