Lamborghini Will Only Produce 8 Thousand Units in 2020

Stefano Domenicali, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lamborghini stated that it would limit the number of production to only 8 thousand units per year starting 2019.

This is inversely proportional to other automotive manufacturers who are trying to sell as many products as possible. But according to Stefano Domenicali, there is a fine line between maximum profit and exclusivity.

“They are more likely to ask,” what is the coolest brand and I want now. “That is, we need to understand their market and determine certain cars to meet what is more than impulsive buying by some buyers,” Stefano Domenicali said during an interview with CarAdvice, quoted from Carcoops, Monday (1/28/2019).

Dashboard Lamborghini Urus, SUV perdana Lamborghini di grand opening Lamborghini showroom (6/12/2018)

He added, that Lamborghini will only produce 8 thousand units for 2020. Half will be provided for the Lamborghini SUV, two-thirds for the entry-level Huracan and one third for the Aventador. But there is no explanation of how the next composition if Lamborghini presents a new model.

In this case, the limit of 8 thousand units mentioned is actually a pretty good record for Lamborghini. Because, throughout 2018 the Italian company managed to send 5,750 units worldwide.

Most of the sales were supported by Lamborgini Urus which contributed 1,761 units even though they only went on sale in July 2018.

More than a third of Lamborghini’s products were shipped to the United States, but significant growth was actually obtained in other countries such as Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and China.



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