Infinix Will Release 3 Latest Smartphones With Luxury Features

Looking for the latest Smartphone but has a low price value? Infinix can be one of the best alternative choices with a myriad of great features. Moreover, manufacturers have leaked some of the latest news that is very interesting for consumers, namely the 3 newest smartphone choices that will be released in Q1 of 2019.

What can be the main stage of the presence of the latest smartphone from the manufacturer from Hong Kong is a treat notch display screen reaching 6.2 “HD + on the first smartphone this year to accompany the daily activities of users.

In fact, besides having a large screen, the latest smartphone from Infinix will also feature a dual camera and a 4-in-1 self-low light on the main camera which is also accompanied by AI Selfie Technology. Not only smartphones, Infinix claims that two of the three champions are ready to come as with an extra device selection, which means it can support the lives of Infinix smartphone users much better. One of them is the presence of smart accessories that have been waiting for X-Fans Indonesia.

“It cannot be denied that the Indonesian smartphone business is experiencing a significant development. This also affects the sales level of Infinix’s product line which reaches 30% throughout 2018. Increasingly excited this year, Infinix is ​​ready to provide something different than before, “said Agus Supangat as Infinix Indonesia’s Assistant Country Manager.

In addition to launching 3 products at once, Infinix also cooperates with one of the most famous operators in Indonesia, Smartfren Indonesia. This means that this product will be available exclusively that can provide a variety of special offers for consumers, especially Smartphones usually have a bundle package that is very attractive and affordable.

“So far, Infinix has been very ready to re-enliven the smartphone market in Indonesia. One of them is, this year we are here with Smartfren Indonesia to provide the best products to users. “Agus said.

Different from the previous product launches, now Infinix and its 3 champions will launch exclusively with Indonesian Shopee. Not only that, Infinix also collaborates with AkuLaku specifically for the sale of its latest smartphones, which can make it easier for users who want to buy it through easy credit.

As a smart phone vendor that has continued to grow in Indonesia since 2013, a series of innovations through various new products continues to be launched by Infinix every year. So, it can be predicted that the presence of a number of the latest Infinix product lines in the first quarter of 2019 will further enliven the competition in the smartphone business in Indonesia which is increasingly tight.


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