Advantages of IOS 12.1.4 You Must Know!

The operating system, especially for Apple, which uses the iOS operating system, you know it isn’t. Every iOS upgrade has been launched with an increase in power efficiency and performance, in fact the latest iOS version, which is iOS 12, includes an operating system that has received a lot of criticism due to a number of emerging bugs.

The advantages of iOS 12.1.4

FaceTime Bug Loss

At the end of January 2019, FaceTime Group features a bug report where the voice and video call feature can be used to listen to the sound of the recipient even though the call has not been picked up.

The existence of these bugs makes privacy issues serious enough for Apple. Even Apple has to turn off the FaceTime Group server for some time. Shortly afterwards, Apple also launched an iOS 12.1.4 update that was specifically used to resolve the issue so that iPhone users were able to activate the FaceTime Group feature again.

Simple Management

In addition, Apple has also moved the settings “Manage Subscriptions” to places that are easier to access so that it will be easier to manage the subscriptions owned by users.

If previously users had to search first through settings, now users only need to click on the profile in the App Store and users can already find the Manage Subscriptions option.

How to Update iOS 12.1.4

For those of you who want to update to the latest Apple system, it’s a good idea to backup your data first on the device to iCloud or other storage media. If you can do it, update it to iOS 12.1.4 by opening Settings and going to the General section. From the menu then select Software Update to download and install it.

Thus the review of the advantages of iOS 12.14, hopefully the above review can be useful information for you, especially iOS users, so and good luck!



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