Youtube Delete Comments Feature for Video Content Showing Children

YouTube has really taken many stern steps to curb pedophiles in an effort to exploit this company’s platform even further. And last Thursday, part of the Google company decided to deactivate the comment feature on various Videos that featured children’s content.

This is certainly another step that needs to be appreciated, especially after Matt Watson’s video content went viral. In the video, he exposed a group of child predators organized in a video which he said would be the last on the YouTube platform.

And after the video exposure by Matt Watson Boom, YouTube has taken several steps to curb pedophiles from trying to exploit the platform, according to The Times UK, the problem that has permeated this service has been at least since 2017.

Previously, the company had banned up to 400 YouTube account channels and deactivated various comments suspected of exploiting children. This step also felt much firmer when large companies such as Epic Games, Peloton, Disney, and others began to withdraw advertisements from the platform.

According to YouTube representatives, “During the past week, we deactivated comments from tens of millions of videos that could be the subject of Predator behavior. This effort is focused on videos featuring young people and we will continue to identify risky videos over the next few months. And during the process, we will expand this action to postpone comments on videos featuring minors and videos showing minors who might risk attracting predatory behavior. ”

In an address for content creators, it was said they would continue to postpone comments on “risky” videos containing “minors,” but would also expand efforts to include videos showing children to older people as well.

This step turns out to get a lot of reactions from users, where some of them don’t seem to agree too much, because this is very affected, especially that there is no other way to always stay connected with the feature.

YouTube itself basically recognizes that this might affect the way some channels stay connected with their viewers, but the intent and priority is to maintain the safety of children. For this reason, the comment feature seems to still be present on some reputable channels, although users will be asked to “actively moderate” the channel and show that their videos are low risk for attracting such comments.



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