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How to Make Fake Whatsapp Messages on an Easy Smartphone

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chat applications today. This Android instant messaging application even reaches more than 1 billion total downloads on the Google Play Store, which means that there are very many who use it.

Not only that, you can play fun, you can play friends or friends by using WhatsApp chat. Using an application called WhatsPrank you can play friends, crush or even your girlfriend. Curious about how to do it? Check out the following methods.

Easy Ways to Make Fake WhatsApp Chat on an Android Smartphone:

  • The first step is to download the WhatsPrank application – Fake Messages developed by Mobilab for free on the Google Play Store.
  • After that, an introduction to the WhatsPrank application will be displayed. You can have the Skip or Next option to go to the main view.

  • Then to start creating a fake WhatsApp chat, tap the “+” icon in the lower right corner. You can choose New Fake Chat or New Fake Group.
  • Then on the New Chat menu you can set up a fake chat profile that you will create, you can set the name in the Enter The Name column and give the profile photo you want.
  • Next to the Last Seen option you can also choose the Online or Typing option to see the status at the bottom of the profile name.
  • Then you can add the status of the fake profile that you want to create and just tap Save.

  • After that, Tap chat to start chatting and type it the same as chatting on WhatsApp. Press the arrow icon that faces left to send as your chat friend.
  • Then to send the chat as your own, just type as usual and tap the arrow icon facing the right guys.
  • You can also edit the chat that has been created, just tap on one of the chats and you will go to the Edit Message page and set the message in the Message column. There are also Author settings, delivery times and chat status and just tap Save.
  • Finished.

Such is an easy way to create fake WhatsApp chat on an Android smartphone, hopefully the above review can be useful information for those of you who want to fad or cheat on your friends by making fake WhatsApp chat, so and good luck!



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