The new feature applied by SosiaL Famous Media is indeed always pampers its consumers with the latest features. Recently Instagram has now been able to upload photos in different accounts by one click. It is undeniable that the development of Instagram is indeed fast, which used to be just a social media to share photos has grown as technology progresses into social media that already has many interesting features.

Instagram does have a focus on developing features that have never been applied to sweets. This is certainly done to attract users so that more people will switch to Instagram. Whether it’s from iOS or Android users. Not long ago Instagram also updated the scrool feature, which can now shift the Scroll Vertically to the Horizontal homepage for some users but that is only for testing purposes.

Based on testing Instagram users turned out to be more comfortable with the veranda scrool veranda was first launched making people show their dissatisfaction with the most flexible application and asked to fix it at the request of the user. Here clearly the Instagram application has features that are flexible in terms of user preferences. At this time Instagram presents the most sought-after feature of people, especially for iOS users, namely the Multiple Accounts Instagram feature, the ability to post photos or videos to most of your Instagram accounts.

Step-How to Post Images on Many Accounts with One Click

This Instagram Multiple Account feature is generally used to facilitate users who have more than one Instagram account and this feature they can use to spread the same content or images in various profiles with different accounts with just the touch of a button, it’s easy, isn’t it. Of course this will be very helpful for Instagram players, especially for Olshop who sell on Instagram, Curious How to use the feature? Check out the following steps.

  • The first step is of course you have to have an Instagram application or if you can’t download it.
  • After that, run the Instagram application.
  • Then select the photo or video you want to post.
  • After that you will see a screen of Instagram composers to add text and tags.
  • Next select which account will post your content and wait for the process.
  • Finished.

From the above steps, how do you think it is easy, not to use? and to use this latest Instagram feature, make sure that your Instagram application is the latest version. Hopefully this article can be useful to add insight and news about technology, let’s wait when it will be inaugurated!

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