Advan Vendor is Reported to Be Bankrupt, Next to His Denial

The unpleasant news approached PT Bangga Teknologi Indonesia (BTI), a manufacturer of Advan smartphones and tablets. Because the news that Advan went bankrupt was warmly heard.

Is it true that smartphone manufacturers in this country go bankrupt? To avoid misunderstandings, Advan also gave an explanation.

According to M. Ilham Pratama as PR Manager of Advan, it was confirmed that the news was actually not true because of the disinformation received by the community between BTI and ATS.

” Actually there is a misunderstanding and there is news that incorrectly uses photos of news supporters. For us, Advan is a trademark of PT Bangga Teknologi Indonesia as a manufacturer of smartphones and tablet PCs. While the bankrupt PT Advan Teknologi Solusi as a smartphone distributor, ” said Ilham Pratama via instant messaging, Thursday (02/07/2019).

“So, we have absolutely no connection or relationship with them,” Ilham Pratama told

Advan i6A di Shopee. (Shopee)

In addition, Ilham also requested that consumers in Indonesia need not worry about the rumors. Because, in the balance sheet, Advan is still healthy.

“There is a misunderstanding and the information circulating has been overcome. The community does not need to worry and doubt the Advan smartphone and tablet PC products. At present, Advan’s condition is going well normally, “he continued.

In fact, currently Advan is developing a series of new technology products, both smartphones and tablets, for Indonesian consumers.

Advan G3. (Advandigital)

The upstream problem began with the reporting of PT Advan Teknologi Solusi (ATS) which had indeed been declared bankrupt.

Had circulated the news, the police were still investigating the report on the alleged filing of bankrupt engineering letter PT Advan Teknologi Solusi by three reported people Wirawan Tanzil, Mario Agusta Tanzil, and Liana Leo.

But now it’s clear, that the news of Advan going bankrupt is not true. Domestic smartphone manufacturers are still running their businesses. ( Rahmat).



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