Research Reveals People Often Stay Up Will Be Smarter

A recent study revealed that people who often stay up late at night are smarter. How could that be?

This happens because smart people usually choose to be more active at night or nocturnal when compared to people with normal IQ.

Research involving young people revealed that someone who is smarter would usually sleep late.

Reporting from the Elite Daily, a study conducted by a psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science explained that a person’s IQ and sleep patterns turned out to have a close relationship.

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Humans generally have regular sleep patterns every day. Whereas someone who has an average intelligence will often often experience sleep disturbances that make him keep awake at night.

Usually, these people choose to work at night and not easily feel tired when compared to working during the day.

These intelligent people called nocturnal will capture information during the day and then process it at night.

At night, nocturnal people will feel that their most attractive side will appear to expel all their abilities. Therefore, you will be smarter at night.

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Staying up late whether planned or not, will become your daily routine no matter you have to work in the morning or go home at night.

Other studies suggest that working late at night turned out to be able to expand one’s thinking.

These types of smart people are usually more open minded and creative. Because at night, these people find many things when ordinary people are asleep.

That was a scientific explanation of why someone who likes staying up late is much smarter. You are one of them?


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