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How to send blue text on Whatsapp, rarely known by people!

Easy Ways to Send Blue Text on WhatsApp – WhatsApp conversations are always interesting because of various supporting features such as emojis, stickers and so on. There is always material for making chat material using WhatsApp, for example memes, sharing funny posts on Twitter or Instagram, YouTube video links and much more.

If you are tired of sending text like that on WhatsApp then we have a solution. You can use the application called WhatsBlueText to make your conversation even more exciting. By using this application you can send messages with unique text which is blue.

By sending WhatsApp messages using this application, you will be even more exciting and certainly very exciting. Curious about how to create and send blue text on WhatsApp? Check out the following methods.

Easy Ways to Send Blue Text on WhatsApp

  • The first step is to download then install the WhatsBlueText application on the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

  • Then open the application and press the “Start Writing” button.
  • The next step enter the word or sentence you want to make in the column provided.
    Next, a preview of the unique text will automatically appear below it and select the blue text to send it.

  • After that, select where you want to send the text, in this way we will send it to WhatsApp then just touch the “WhatsApp” button.
    Then select the WhatsApp contact you want to send the message to and immediately the blue text has been sent.

  • Finished.
    Actually this blue text can not only be sent to WhatsApp. You can also send this text to other instant messaging applications such as LINE, Telegram, BBM and even social media applications like Twitter and others.

    How, how easy is that right? Thus the review of the easy way to send blue text on WhatsApp, hopefully the above review can be useful information for those of you who want to send blue text on WhatsApp, so and good luck!



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