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Effective Ways to Overcome the Samsung Error Keyboard

Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world founded by Lee Byung-Chull on March 1, 1938, the company operates in 58 countries and has more than 208,000 workers.

Just like other companies Samsung also equips every Android device with a built-in keyboard (keyboard) application called Samsung Keyboard. This application really helps Samsung users for various activities with smartphones.

In addition, the default keyboard application from Samsung also presents various features such as smart typing, hand writing, easy customization, and so on, which are certainly very interesting to support the performance of your smartphone. But unfortunately some cases often occur namely the Samsung keyboard application sometimes experiences an error and displays the message “Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard has stopped” suddenly and if you have experienced it then you do not need to worry because you can follow the methods below.

How to Quickly Overcome the Samsung Error Keyboard

Update the Samsung Keyboard Application

If you are using the Samsung Keyboard application then an error occurs, it could be because the application version is not compatible with the system or device. Therefore you can update it by tapping About Samsung Keyboard in the keyboard settings.

Force Stop and Clean Samsung Keyboard Application Data

If you experience this, then you can solve the problem by forcing the Samsung Keyboard and Dictionary application to stop and then cleaning the data as well as the cache formed in it.

The method is very easy because you only have to go into Settings -> enter the Apps section -> tap the other menu (triple icon) in the top right corner -> select Show system apps -> search and select Samsung Keyboard (or Dictionary -> press FORCE CLOSE button -> enter the Storage section and select the CLEAR DATA button.

Reset the Samsung Keyboard Application

Immediately open open the Keyboard application and press the Settings button, then from the Samsung Keyboard settings page -> select the Reset to default settings menu -> select the two options displayed, namely Reset keyboard settings and Clear personalized data -> confirm with the appropriate button.

Use a Third Party Keyboard Application

Then if the various errors above still occur, then you can switch to the third-party keyboard application. In this case, there are some favorite applications that we can choose including Gboard or Swiftkey.

How, how easy is that right? Thus the review on how to quickly overcome the Samsung keyboard error, I hope the above review can be useful information for you, especially Samsung smartphone users, so and good luck!


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