Traveling hobby? Use Google Assistant Translate in Real Time

Google’s Virtual Assistant, Google Assistant, is announced to have gotten a very useful new feature, which is the Interpreter Mode which can translate languages in real time.

Google has now provided an update by adding the Interpreter Mode to his voice assistant to a wider Android device.

Previously, this feature had been used by Google Pixel Buds and headphones supported by Google Assistant services.

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Interpreter Mode on Android smartphones can help users translate up to 44 different languages in real time.

Google Assistant Translate Languages in Real Time

To use Google Asisstant, users only need to say phrases like, “Hey Google, be my German translator”, or “Hey Google, help me speak Thai”.

After that, users can also see the results of the translation of the translated language. Users can also play sentences that are translated in the form of sound.

Google Assistant is also rumored to be presenting Smart Replies to help users respond quickly without users having to say words.

Interpreter Mode can also be used in typing mode or manually to select the language you want to use.

Reporting from the Android Authority, Interpreter Mode is available globally in Google Assistant.


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