Overwatch Becomes the Most Popular Game in 2019, Beyond the Fortnite Adult Site

At the end of 2019, the largest adult site, PonHub, shared a number of interesting facts during 2019. One of them, Overwatch was named the 2019 most popular game.

Overwatch’s popularity defeated Fortnite, which had previously become popular on the adult search site PornHub.

Previously, Fortnite was the most sought after game until 2018, in 2019 it was now eliminated by Overwatch’s popularity.

The Most Popular Overwatch Game on PornHub

This game experienced a significant increase of up to 8 percent compared to 2018. As for the game Fortnite in the second rank decreased 17 percent.

In addition to Overwatch and Fortnite, there are a number of games that have become popular, namely Pokemon and Minecraft, which are included in the 2019 lineup.

Overwatch is 2019’s most popular game on the PornHub adult site. (PornHub)

For the newcomer game the most striking increase is Apex Legends. This battle royale type game occupies the fifth position.

Apex Legends defeated the popularity of Fortnite at the very first launch. This Apex Legends game suddenly skyrocketed in February 2019.

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In February 2019, Apex Legends achieved a total of 457 thousand search visits on the adult site Pornhub, compared to Fortnite which was only 151 thousand.

Apex Legends beat the popularity of Fortnite on the adult site PornHub. (PornHub)

Overwatch game became a popular game in 2019, so the most popular character in the game is Zelda.

Zelda became the most sought after game character on the adult site. During 2019, this Nintendo character was searched for more than 4.6 million times.

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As for the Bowsette character that was rumored to have a viral decline in search. Even down to 174 percent compared to 2018.

That is information about the game among the most popular Overwatch 2019 adults on the adult site PornHub.


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