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The Fast Way to Android Cell Phone Battery Charger

The battery is a hardware component that is very important in smartphones, because without a battery, our cellphones won’t be able to live. When charging the battery, of course we will be upset if charging requires a long time, especially if we have an important agenda.

The key to charging a battery so it is full quickly is never to use the cellphone either for gaming, music, videos, etc.

How to quickly charge a cellphone

For those of you who want to charge the battery quickly, I will tell you some steps you can take.

The following tips are quite easy to do:

1. Turn off Internet Cellular Data

Turning on cellular internet data can slow down battery charging. This is because cell phones work harder in finding signals.

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Suggestions on charging do not turn on internet cellular data for fast charging.

2. Turn off All Types of Connectivity

Types of internet connections are very diverse, in addition to the internet you also have to turn off the Bluetooth, GPS and the like which have the effect of slowing down charging.

Turning off unneeded features can speed up battery charging.

3. Use Airplane Mode / Flight Mode

Most of the Android users must have seen an airplane icon which matches the name of its function on a plane.

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Because if you use airplane mode, all networks like internet, bluetooth, GPS, wifi will be deactivated.

If you have activated airplane mode, the two points above have been done.

4. Use the Ori Data Adapter and Cable

It should be noted with the use of the adapter, try when charging use the original adapter. Then use a charging power above 2 Amperes.

Do not use non-original brands of adapters and power cords, because they can affect charging which causes it to be slow.

5. Cass with the HP Condition Off

The last surefire tips by turning off your cellphone, because by turning off your cellphone completely does not run anything and can speed up charging.

Evidently if the cellphone is turned on it can take 2-3 hours of charger, if the cellphone is off it only takes 1-2 hours.

Thus the tips that I can give, hopefully this article information can help you in overcoming the slow charging of mobile phones.


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