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Things To Look For Drivers In The Rainy Season

Motorcycle users when it is raining should pay attention to the things that are important in order to make the rider comfortable and safe.

Although in the modern era motorcycle technology has become more sophisticated, but it does not rule out the possibility that the technology could be damaged if exposed to rain or floods. Starting from the price of motorcycles from dozens to hundreds of millions, it could be problematic in the face of rain.

Driving Tips When It Rains

In order to be comfortable and safe in driving when it rains, the following things to consider when driving:

1. Raincoat

This object is one of the items that must be used when it rains, you can buy it at the raincoat on the side of the road you can find. In Indonesia the majority of motorcyclists still don’t consider it so important to use a raincoat.

Given the climate in Indonesia there are only two, dry and rainy. The potential for rain in Indonesia is currently increasing and is increasingly difficult to predict.

For that you should have prepared a test suit in the trunk of your motorcycle before the rain arrived.

2. Motorcycle Tires

Motor parts on this one are so important because they meet with erratic streets whose texture. Make sure the condition of your motorcycle tires is decent and meets the standard. Starting from the surface of the tire quality and wind pressure.

The quality of wind pressure is very influential on the traction of tires to asphalt, deflated tires can also affect other motor parts, especially the alloy wheels.

3. Speed

This one is very important if in a rainy state, if in normal conditions you drive at a speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour. So during the rainy season it is recommended to reduce the continuity of your vehicle.

When it rains visibility will decrease and tire performance will not be optimal. Because not all types of tires during the rainy season have a strong enough grip.

Driving a vehicle at high speed can potentially disturb other road users.

4. Lights

Turning on the lights when it rains is no less important, in addition to giving signals to road users in front including in the opposite direction.

It’s better if your motorcycle is equipped with fog lights, unfortunately not all motors have brighter fog lights during the rainy season.

5. Spark Plugs

Especially for automatic motorcycles and ducks produce the highest pollution in Indonesia. You need to know that the position of the motor matic spark plugs and ducks are under close to asphalt. So try not to spur your motorbike in a flood for a long time.

Likewise with the exhaust, do not let water enter the mouth of the exhaust because surely your motor will strike.

Similarly, information and tips when it rains, you can do it and prepare it when facing the rainy season arrives.


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