IndoXXI Site Farewell Closed Next Year 2020

The IndoXXI site will be officially closed next year 2020. About this plan IndoXXI will provide information when you open a free viewing site on the dashboard page.

In the pop up announcement IndoXXI said it would withdraw to show the film on the website and officially close this service since January 1, 2020.

Short remarks delivered by IndoXXI would like to thank its loyal audience.

IndoXXI Stops Movie Show

Not only that, the reason to stop showing films on this site is to be able to advance the creative film industry in the country.

IndoXXI Mengundurkan Diri (IndoXXI)

” It is very hard but it must be done, thanks to all of our viewers, starting from January 1, 2020 we will stop showing films on this website in order to support and advance the country’s creative industry, hopefully in the future it will be better. Greetings INDOXXI ” was the farewell written on the website.


Reporting from a related source, the Ministry of Communication and Information announced earlier that it would block IndoXXI and LK21, the two sites are the center for streaming movies and downloading movies for free and illegally.

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But in this matter, IndoXXI immediately announced that it would resign and stop its services starting next year. Whereas LK21 has not confirmed further information.

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This information and communication step is supported by the police, because these two websites are called illegal movie viewing places by violating intellectual property rights in film piracy carried out by both IndoXXI and LK21 sites.

News of the emergence of IndoXXI’s farewell immediately crowded on social media, especially Twitter to become the number one trending since this morning, Tuesday (12/24/2019).

A number of netizens expressed their disappointment about IndoXXI who would resign and said that they were present to present streaming movies for free.


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