Alert! Data Security at Zoom Many Complained by Users

The Zoom application confirms that its users have increased, up to 200 million daily users.

This surge in user zoom occurs when most countries impose a regional quarantine system (lockdown) and physical restrictions due to the COVID19 corona virus outbreak.

The impact of limiting public space, the company set to work from home or work at home and undergo meetings and meeeting using an online application that is zoom.

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Reporting from a Reuters source, Kmis (2/4) in December 2019 users of the zoom application only reached 10 million per day. That number has soared to 200 million per day.

“We place growth with the number of daily participants, both free and paid versions, there are only 10 million.” Zoom founder founder Eric Yuan said, in a Reuters quoted letter on Thursday (2/4).

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Although crowded with visitors, several parties from the rocket-making company founded by Elon Musk, SpaceX to Blue Investigation of the United States Federal (US) or Federal Bureu of Investigation (FBI) have doubted the safety of the zoom.

SpaceX announces that all employees must not access or use the zoom for meeting purposes. SpaceX urges its employees to use other communication services amid the corona pandemic.

The FBI warns schools of data security hazards from using the zoom application. Zoom also faces lawsuits in California, accusing users of collecting personal information. They accuse the data taken by zoom sent via a third party application, Facebook.

Yuan apologizes about the data leak caused by using the zoom application. “We are aware that we do not meet the expectations of community privacy and security,” Yuan said in a blog post, quoted from on Thursday (2/4).

Zoom has planned to stop adding new features for the future, and focus on improving the security of leaked data. Zoom will also release periodic transparency like Google, Facebook, Twitter.

Due to data security, stock zoom also declined. On Thursday it had decreased by 11%. Even though the zoom stock has experienced a significant increase.


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