What is PSBB? Mall Opened But Mosque Closed – In Indonesia recently the government decided to try to loosen the PSBB to run the economy in our country.

But from the statement of President Joko Widodo he refused to loosen the PSBB, but in fact a number of Malls had opened.

The opened mall caused a crowd and could expand the spread of COVID-19. This policy taken by the government was threatened by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) because the mall was opened while the mosques were closed even though it was the month of Ramadan.

Masjid Ditutup
Masjid Ditutup
Mal ramai
Mal ramai

Because the government appealed not to pray at the mosque in either fardu or terawih which caused crowds or crowds.

Mosque closed? But on the contrary, such as airports, malls, markets, offices, and industries that re-open are filled with visitors to cause queues when entering the mall. Is this allowed? Of course not. But this is as if the government does not question it.

Responding to the incident, Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Mahfud MD turned comment.

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According to him, all activities carried out in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

Quoted from the youtube channel Secretariat of the Cabinet said “I think opening it is not against the law also because there are sectors, or 11 certain sectors which by law may be opened with protocol”.

He gave examples such as the airport which is a place for human movement throughout Indonesia.

“For example, the airport is for transporting people because of the need for certain tasks and conditions, then it is allowed to open,” said Mahfud.

According to Mahfud, the government has been strict for sanctions for violating applicable government regulations, including business entrepreneurs.

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“I demonstrated violations such as IKEA will also be closed,” he continued.

In addition, the MUI and mass organizations have agreed to close places of worship such as mosques temporarily.

“We (the government) with the Ulema Council, NU, Muhammadiyah have no difference in views,” Mahfud said.

“In the same letter issued by the Ulema Council, NU, Muhammadiyah, it is the same, so that people pray at home,” he explained.

Each mass organization and MUI have made an agreement to worship at home.


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