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How to Recover Instagram Accounts Affected by Hack, Proven Effective!

As a social media where photos and videos are very popular, Instagram is now an easy target for ignorant people by breaking into Instagram accounts of certain people. There have been a lot of instagram accounts that have been hacked or broken down by irresponsible people. Hacked accounts are not half-hearted, ranging from artists to celebrities that have considerable influence among Instagram users.

When they found out that their Instagram account was hacked, of course they panicked and were confused what to do if their account was hacked. But actually they don’t need to be confused and panic because there are ways to restore their hacked account. Now on this occasion Mastekno will give a tutorial on how to restore an Instagram account that was hacked. For those of you whose account has been hacked, please refer to the following tutorial properly.

How to restore an Instagram account with the easiest hack

# 1. Visit and select “Privacy & Safety”
When you find out that your Instagram account has been hacked, do not hesitate to ask for help from Instagram [here] then select Privacy & Safety> Report Something> Hacked Account then choose I think my account has been hacked> Report it to us. After that you will be given a few questions, please answer correctly and clearly.

# 2. Same as the first step, but select the “Impersonation Account” menu
Then after that repeat the first step, but in this second step please select the Impersonation Account menu to report that your Instagram account has been taken over by someone else. To report your account that was hacked using this method requires you to fill in the form provided by Instagram with the email that you use for the initial registration of Instagram.

You also have to make sure your account that has been hit by the hack has changed its name or not. If so, then you have to enter the name that is currently being used by your account that was hacked so that the parties from young Instagram can help you restore your Instagram account that got hacked.

# 3. If you have reported it, then your Instagram account will be lost
Here you do not need to panic when your Instagram account is lost, this is indeed a step on the part of Instagram to ensure that there is indeed an act of breaking into your account. In this case you will not be able to find your Instagram account when typing the account name in the search field, instead there is the word “user not found”.

When your Instagram account name is not found on Instagram, don’t try to create or register a new Instagram account using the same account name. The reason this will actually make the Instagram party confused and even make you as if someone is scrambling your account, it’s strange to be.

# 4. Check your e-mail frequently
After you report your account, please check your email. Is there an incoming email from Instagram or not. If there is an incoming email related to the steps you need to take to restore your account, then please follow the steps.

So Instagram will tell you to follow instructions like this: write down the account name and full name and code from Instagram on white cards. After that, take a picture of your face and the white paper to verify that you are the owner of the account. Try to position the photo or your face according to one of the photos you uploaded on Instagram or at least similar photos.

# 5. Instagram will send an email related to the form you need to fill in to return your account
After you send an e-mail reply containing verification of your data, Instagram will once again send you e-mails containing the form you need to fill in with your personal data, especially photos and copy of ID. Please reply and fill in this email clearly so that your account can be quickly returned. Do not let any important column be missed and not filled.

# 6. Wait for the next reply from Instagram
Usually this takes between 4 to 7 days until the Instagram reply and return to your account which was previously hacked belongs to you again. If you have returned your account, you can find your name or username again in the Instagram search field. Please follow the steps to recover the account instructed by Instagram according to the last reply and you are ready to use your account again.

Thus a short tutorial on how to restore an Instagram account that got the easiest hack, hopefully it will be useful and help those of you whose Instagram account has been hacked back into yours. So when your Instagram account gets hacked by nosy and irresponsible people you don’t need to panic anymore, just follow the steps Mastekno has explained above earlier and your Instagram account will be able to get you back.


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