End of World Conspiracy According to Flat Earth

BisaTau.com – The existence of adherents of Flat Earth (FE) or Flat Earth is believed to have millions to tens of millions throughout the world. The shape of the end of the world was fully described by Flat Earth.

The Bumi Datar community emerged as a result of public distrust of NASA in the human landing to the Moon for example.

Not only that, they also believed that there was a massive “consipation” to cover up the truth they believed.

That is common, since the great philosophers of ancient times also believed that the Earth was indeed flat.

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Trust is passed down through generations, giving birth to Flat Earth with a variety of theories.

Here’s the tip of the world according to the Flat Earth:

1. Shaped Waterfall

Peta Babylonia kuno yang menyatakan bentuk Bumi Datar. (Wikipedia/ British Museum)

This Flat Earth Community believes that the Earth is flat and surrounded by vast oceans. At the end of the ocean, there is a falling tip, so it will create a waterfall.

The concept of a floating flat Earth departs from an old belief that comes from the old map of the Babylonian Mundi.

In early Egyptian thought and Mesopotamia, the world was described as a disk floating in the ocean.

2. Ice Walls

Ilustrasi dunia yang dikelilingi dinding es. (DHgate)

This belief stems from a record of trips owned by James Cook. In 1772 Captain James Cook began his journey around the world.

Over the years of his journey, James Cook only encountered an ice wall that was believed to have weighed thousands of tons.

The Flat Earth believes that James Cook only found an ice wall despite having traveled more than 60 thousand kilometers.

On the map now, traveling around Antarctica is no more than 20 thousand kilometers. Both of these reasons reinforce the belief that the end of the world is a giant wall of ice.

3. Dome

Ilustrasi dari Camille Flammarion di tahun 1888. (Flatearthfetch)

In medieval times (mediaval) or about the 5th century AD until the 16th century AD, the theory of the Earth Flat with a dome-shaped tip was very popular.

Ancient people supported by old tribes believed that the sky was a very large dome.

The dome is believed to be the place where the Sun, Moon, planets and stars attach.

4. Portal

Ilustrasi Pac-Man Effect pada Bumi Datar. (IFLScience)

This version of the Flat Earth believes that at the end of the horizon is a “portal” to return to its original position.

Quoted from Live Science, Flat Earth speaker named Darren Nesbit put forward a theory called the “Pac-Man effect”.

It is also a theory that explains why the plane does not fall when it reaches the end of the world.

Just like Pac-Man’s game, when the object reaches the end of the screen, Pac-Man will arrive at the other end of the screen.

This version of the Flat Earth strongly believes that at the end of the world there is a special portal associated with “electromagnetism” so that objects can arrive at the other end of the world.

They believe that the Moon and Sun orbit around the North Pole of the Earth.

That’s the shape of the end of the world according to the Flat Earth, are you interested in joining?



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