NASA Discover Mysterious New Planet, Want to Try? – A TESS satellite from NASA found a new planet. That means ” the third world ” which he found after two worlds were identified.

NASA’s Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) which has a special mission to study the outer planets (exoplanets).

With these satellites, NASA wants to learn about the “new world” besides the solar system that we know so far.

After finding a planet known as LHS 3884b and Pi Mensae c, NASA managed to identify a “third world” that had mysterious characters.

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The new planet, called HD 21749b, orbits a dwarf star with a distance of about 53 light years in the constellation Reticulum.

HD 21749b orbits its star in a “relatively relaxed” time compared to the two exoplanets found earlier

The new planet takes 36 days to orbit its star, HD 21749.

It’s more ” relaxed ” compared to Pi Mensae b or ” Super Earth ” which takes 6.3 days and LHS 3844b aka ” Rocky Planet ” which is only 11 hours.

Apart from orbiting its star for 36 days, planet HD 21749b has a surface temperature of 150 ° C.

Planet HD 21749b is considered ” sub-Neptune ” which means it is smaller than Neptune but has a size 3 times larger than Earth.

Astronomers say that planets of such size are usually gaseous.

But this planet is very different and mysterious because it is 23 times denser than Earth.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, planet HD 21749b is actually a water planet and has a thicker atmosphere.

” We think this planet will not have as much gas as Neptune or Uranus, which is mostly hydrogen and really ‘swollen’. This planet is likely to have a density of water, or a thick atmosphere, ” Diana Dragomir, NASA’s research leader from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

After the discovery of this mysterious planet, NASA will try to find a planet with the highest level of similarity with Earth.

TESS will analyze hundreds of thousands of the brightest stars outside the Sun to finally find Earth-like planets.

The new planet found later is expected to provide a sense of optimism for humans to occupy it.



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