Minecraft Movie Changes Director, Storyline Revealed

Bisatau.com – After successfully gaining the attention of hundreds of millions of gamers, Minecraft will try its luck to become a film. The new director was also appointed to replace the previous one handling the Minecraft film.

Warner Bros. appointed a new director named Peter Sollett to replace the previous director.

He is famous for the TV series entitled The Path for Hulu and Freeheld movies and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

Sollet replaces McElhenney who was out last year.

The director is famous for specializing in drama films or comedy dramas in each of his works.

It’s possible that Warner Bros. wants the Minecraft movie that is expected to appear in 2019 full of funny conversations or actions.

That makes sense considering the market penetrated by this film is quite difficult.

Adaptation of films from popular popular video games is difficult to make.

That’s because creative teams are usually difficult to please hardcore game fans with a general audience.

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Lenovo Releases Two New Gaming Laptops with GeForce RTX at CES 2019After selling more than 150 million copies, the film from the game Minecraft certainly got great expectations from gamers.

Not only the appointment of a new director, a little leak about the flow of the film also leaked to the public.

Quoted from Variety, the Minecraft movie will later tell a teenage girl who joined an unusual group of adventurers.

Ender Dragon who started to spread crime made the adventurer have to stop him.

They will fight the energy barrier to save Overworld on the brink of collapse.

Warner Bros. and Mojang have been working on the Minecraft film project since 2014.

Considering that this has been done for years and is changing directors, the launch of the Minecraft movie will be highly anticipated by its fans.



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