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How to check XL numbers easily and quickly

Each provider has a different service in each calling code. If Smarters has many sim cards with providers that are not the same, it must be difficult to memorize the numbers themselves right? Moreover, Indosat, XL, Tri, Axis, Telkomsel service calls are not similar. Which users are you? This is it, if you are XL users, the easiest method is as follows.

A Quick and Easy Way to Know the XL Mobile Number
It’s very easy to move your smart fingers on the smartphone screen.

  1. Type * 123 # then press OK. After that, on the Smarters mobile screen, information appears in the form of remaining credit data and active period. Underneath there will be several choices with various cellular services provided by XL operator networks.
  2. Next select the myinfo service. Here serves access to information about your simcard number, Smarters. Read carefully what options are on your screen.
  3. If so, Tap XL Card Info.
  4. Select number 1 again with the XL number detail option.
  5. Not finished, press 1 again to check the card profile.
  6. Finally select 1 with the info number option. Then the cellphone number will appear.

The Fastest Way
It seems complicated, because too many options must be chosen. But, calm down, Smarters, there is a way to check another XL number which is certainly easier and faster to follow. Here it is the fastest way only for you.

Just open the call menu on your smartphone. Press * 123 * 7 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 1 #. then OK / Call, after that there is a row of numbers which is your XL cellphone number.

Other Solutions
Want to know another way, Smarters? The above method is the solution when the credit runs out or in the grace period. But what if it turns out that the case is like this.

Sometimes operator services like errors or show signs of system improvement and this creates certain problems so that we cannot access customer service. Therefore, we need a solution to overcome this. Another trick is

  1. Call people near you. Automatic XL Smarters numbers will be immediately known through the person’s cellphone.
  2. Ask your friends to send numbers via text messages.
    Directly call a friend to mention your XL mobile number.
  3. Approximately that’s the right trick and solution to find out how to check XL numbers quickly and easily in the style of Smarters.



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