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Easy Ways to Hide Notifications on the Android Lockscreen

How to Hide Notifications on Lockscreen Android – Smartphones today have become one of the needs for modern humans. With smartphones we can connect to the internet to find information or just play social media.

By connecting to the internet, of course we can receive incoming messages in realtime. Whether it’s e-mail, instant messaging applications, DM Twitter, Facebook, DM Instagram, or others. Well when you receive these messages there will certainly be a sign with a notification or notification.

This notification can be accessed from the notification column. Besides that, you can also read notifications from the lockscreen without having to open the pattern. But unfortunately there are often personal so we are anxious if there are others who read the notification from the lockscreen and fortunately Android provides a feature to hide notifications from the lockscreen.

How to hide notifications on the Android lock screen

That way if to be able to see the notification someone must open the pattern, lock or PIN lockscreen first and make sure also only you can do it. For those of you who want to try ways to hide or display notifications on the Android lockscreen, you can follow the following methods:

  • The first step just goes to the Android Settings.
  • After that, select the Security & location option.
  • Then after entering Security & location, select the Lock screen Preferences option.
  • The next step you can choose the option on the lock screen.
  • Then a pop up will appear containing 3 options, namely: Show all notification content,
  • Hide sensitive content, and Don’t show notifications at all. You should already know all these options.
  • Then here you want to hide the notifications on the lockscreen, so choose the third option, namely, Don’t show notifications at all.
  • Finished.

How, how easy is that right? Thus the review of an easy way to hide notifications on the Android looscreen, hopefully the above review can be useful information for those of you who want to hide notifications on an Android smartphone, so and good luck!


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