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Here’s How to Overcome Whatsapp Blocked by Friends or Girlfriends

Most of the Android-based smartphone users must have used the WhatsApp application.

This application is preferred because it is very easy to use in communication, especially chat.

Other advantages of this application besides being able to be used on a smartphone, it can also be used on your PC through web-based applications.

Not only used for personal purposes, this chat application, often called WA, has also been widely applied in the company so that communication between employees remains smooth.

In a chat communication with many people, sometimes there are people who make us uncomfortable when communicating or other disturbances such as unwanted advertising promotions.

You might have even blocked someone through WA.

Therefore, WhatsApp has its own advantages, namely the facility to block WhatsApp contact numbers.

For those of you who still want to send chat messages to someone who has blocked your WA contact number, there is no need to worry. Because here will be dismantled how to do and short and easy tricks so that you can send chat messages even though it’s been blocked.

First step
You just need to change the number and re-register the number for the WhatsApp account.

The second way
Delete your WhatsApp account then register again but no need to change your number.

The trick is to click on you point three in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp application.

Then press the Settings – Account menu – Delete My Account.

Then your account has been deleted. Then register again with the account by clicking Agree – Continue.

Then, register your new WhatsApp account via the WhatsApp contact icon on the lower right side.

After you are done, you can use WhatsApp. Remember, double-check the contact that has blocked you. Can you see the profile photo and status or not.

If you can see it then you are free from blocking.

In essence, in a good communication via chat or other it is still recommended to maintain courtesy so that relations with other people remain smooth and there are no problems later on.


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