Samsung Announces Foldable Smartphones Launching on February 20

Samsung Confirms Foldable Smartphone Launched February 20Samsung is one of the largest electronics companies in the world from South Korea. Samsung currently operates in 6 business sectors, namely telecommunications (mobile phones and networks), digital household appliances (including washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, VHS and DVD players, etc.), digital media, LCDs, semiconductors and motorized vehicles including heavy equipment.

But Smartphone is one of the most famous products among other products. Previously Samsung had a picture of its folding smartphone last year in November and at CES this year the Smartphone was exhibited to a limited audience.

It is estimated that Samsung will launch its folding smartphone called the Galaxy Fold on February 20 along with the Galaxy S10 smartphone series, this rumor is already wide-ranging and it looks like Samsung will indeed launch the Galaxy Fold on February 20 with the Galaxy S10.

Not only based on rumors because Samsung has also released a teaser video on Twitter with the words “The future of mobile will unfold on February 20, 2019”, Actually the video does not reveal anything about folding smartphones and only has text that says “The future unfold ”

Samsung is indeed showing off a smartphone that can be folded in a promo video earlier this month that gives us an idea of ​​what the smartphone is like. This folding folding smartphone will feature two screens, one measuring 4.58 inches and the other measuring 7.3 inches.

While the smaller screen will be on the cover of the smartphone and has an aspect ratio of 21: 9 and a resolution of 1960 x 480 pixels. Then for larger screens on the other side it will have an aspect ratio of 4.2: 3 along with a resolution of 2152 x 1536 pixels.

Thus the review of Samsung’s fold smartphone will be launched on February 20, 2019, Hopefully the above review can be useful information for you, especially Samsung users, and so let’s just wait for the smartphone to launch.


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