Intel Will Launch The Latest Pentium Gold Series This Year

Intel is ready to provide other newest processor options for the low-end segment, especially for the Pentium Gold series. There are a total of 4 CPU choices that are ready to be presented by Intel in March, but one that can be a superior choice is the G5620 Pentium Gold.

What can make this CPU great is a very high clockspeed, where this CPU will be the first choice to bring CPU speed levels up to 4.0Ghz. It’s just that, this option is still in the dual core space plus the hyper threading feature and there is nothing new in the internal graphics business.

For the other three options below are Pentium Gold G5420 (3.8 GHz), G5600T (3.3 GHz, 35W TDP), and G5420T (3.2 GHz, 35W TDP), all of which have dual core power with four threads. In addition, manufacturers are also ready to provide a much lower choice, including the presence of three Celeron SKU series processors, the G4950, G4930 and G4930T, where all of these options will carry two cores without having the Hyperthreading feature.

If you pay close attention, all the latest CPU options from Intel will compete directly with the AMD Athlon series, where Intel usually has advantages in terms of clockspeed. Unfortunately, it still can’t provide great power in internal GPU business, especially when it comes to competing with Radeon Vega owned by the GE Athlon series.

According to Techspot, all of the latest CPUs are built in 14 nm ++ nodes that are the same as those used by other Coffee Lake processors. The Pentium G5620 will display integrated 630 UHD graphics, while the CPU series below will display the UHD 610 variant.

Only, the price offered will be much more expensive, where the Intel G5620 processor will have a price of around $ 100 or the range of 1.4 million. The price offered is so close to the choice of the Quad core CPU offered by AMD Ryzen 3, where they certainly have far better power.

However, the presence of the latest CPU from Intel is ready to bring another solution for fans who want the latest Pentium series to be much more fun, especially in terms of single-thread performance. In fact, the G5620 can bring users to a much better level, especially the clockspeed that is presented is the highest in history. We will wait for all the certainty.



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