Prisoners in the UK Required to be able to Make Programming Codes

The meaning of a prison in the United Kingdom does not seem to be merely a place of punishment, but also as a place of extra education that smells of technology is also applied to prisoners so that they can apply well when out, including having special skills.

One of them is a lesson for creating code, where this will come in the form of HTML, CSS and Javascript as a start. And when it’s advanced, the prisoners will be educated to master a number of much higher programming languages, including Git, TDD, MVC, database and development that is far more complicated.

According to the BBC, this is a new project called Code4000 which is funded by the British Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports for £ 100,000 or 1.6 billion more. And the best thing is that they will be hired with external clients outside of prison when they are skilled in this world.

What about the responses of the prisoners? Apparently, many of them are happy, can even change their lives. “This project has changed my life,” said a prisoner who participated in the program trial. “In a time of uncertainty and stress, I was given a lifeline. Previously I had never been so sure of what I wanted from life and how I would achieve it. I don’t even worry about work when I get out later ”

Although the project was something new, the program modeled on the Last Mile project from the San Quentin prison, which helped prisoners build their technological skills so they could find work after their sentences were exhausted. This has helped more than 500 former inmates get jobs, and none of them violated.

Many people believe that the program can bring something very positive, especially for those who can succeed when they come out later. However, many also feel disagreeable, because they could be an evil hacker who has the ability to hack and be able to make a dangerous program. What do you think?



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