Avoid 172 Dangerous Applications on the Play Store

Avoid 172 Dangerous Applications on the Play Store

Recently, the party from the Play Store application provider download from Google seems to be experiencing problems with malicious applications.

Malicious applications in the Play Store are known initially by the ‘CamScanner’ application because popping up advertisements is quite annoying.

How many weeks, reported by Safety Malware at ESET, detected about 172 applications that have the potential to appear dangerous on the Play Store in September.

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For the future, it will be possible for Google to need third-party researchers to show what applications have potentially dangerous Play Store.

Application criteria deemed dangerous by Google are applications that allow customer fraud, are infected by adware, premium SMS subscribers, hidden advertisements, and many other factors.

If you look carefully and look again at the sources found by researchers, you will see malicious applications in the Play Store of more than 335 million combined installations.

Google will tighten its security on applications in the Play Store by reducing the number of applications that apply strict reviews to approve applications on Google.

In the future, it is expected that Android users will be more comfortable and not worried when downloading applications on the Play Store.


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