How to Overcome the Latest Whatsapp Frequent Pending 2019

Whatsapp is one of the social media applications especially the instant messaging section which is quite popular nowadays. In whatsapp the shipping feature is provided using images, files, videos, and documents for review and presentation.

Factors that influence whatsapp is popular because there are quite interesting features presented. This application is free and open source can be used by anyone without any age or circle. Every time we use the messaging and video calling features we only have to have a data plan or connect to a WiFi network to use.

Of the advantages it has, Whatsapp also has several shortcomings that might make ordinary people ask questions and often happens until now. For example when we send a message and experience pending long enough. Plus if the message we are sending is a message that is quite important, it certainly makes us upset and very fatal if it is not sent.

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Here’s how you can do if your message is pending when using WhatsApp:

  1. Just check the operator’s network on your cellphone, if using WhatsApp at least the network must be 3G so your messages don’t take too long. The main factor usually experienced by networks that are weak enough to make whatsapp pending.
  2. If the first step is already done but still pending then continue the second step, by checking the version of whatsapp you have installed. Note the version of whatsapp you are using is the latest version of whatsapp, because the version also affects the performance of whatsapp. You can update the version of whatsapp through an update on the google play store / I-Tunes.
  3. The next tips are quite easy, you just simply clean the cache that is on your cell phone. With so much cache allows whatsapp to experience excessive dow / lag so that makes the message you send pending. You can follow the steps below (open settings) -> open Application Manager -> Open whatsapp application -> select ‘Delete Cache’ then restart your phone.
  4. Try not to use the Battery Saver feature, because these features can slow down your cellphone. By stopping some application performance that is possible to drain from your phone’s battery life. How to do select Settings-> Battery then-> then turn off the battery saving mode feature (Every cellphone is different).
  5. The last way if it still happens pending, by uninstalling whatsapp on your phone. Then restart your cellphone and install WhatsApp again.

Another factor that can cause your whatsapp pending, because there are too many documents, images, videos that have a large size that is difficult to be managed by the whatsapp application. Delete some documents, or files that you may no longer use so that space / memory on your cellphone has enough space.

So hopefully this article can be useful for those of you who are looking for solutions to whatsapp pendingnya on your phone.


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