Call of Duty Game Can Be Played in Indonesia

Call Of Duty

For android specifications the Call of Duty game requires a minimum of 1 GB of space, while on the iPhone requires 1.4 GB of space.

Good news for car game lovers, especially Call of Duty, which can be downloaded on Tuesday (10/10/2019) Indonesia. You can directly download it on Playstore and App Store in Indonesia.

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Games made by publishers from Origin United States Activision have been published by Garena in Indonesia. Activison has previously announced that it will launch a mobile version of the game that is already popular in the world.

Call of Duty is predicted to compete with the mobile PUBG and Fortnite games, the two games are the first-person battle royale genre, which have dominated the game market in the world.

From alerts taken by Tech Radar, call Of Duty: Is a mobile that is very similar to the type of console version. both of these games use the same map, weapons, and figures. Many players of this game immediately get used to playing on a mobile because it is almost similar to the PC version.

Call of Duty Mobile also uses several elements and locations such as Modern Warfare and Black Ops.

Famous figures also already exist in the mobile version such as John Soap MacTavish, Simon Ghost Riley, and Alex Mason from the modern Warfare series and Black Ops are also predicted to be stars in Call of Duty.


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