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How to make automatic message replies on Whatsapp

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? Yes, this chat application is indeed very famous because it has very interesting features. Applications that are under the Facebook technology company are also very popular with many people.

Even recently rumors say that if WhatsApp will add ads, this certainly has positive and negative responses. For business people, of course this is one of the things that is encouraging, but for ordinary users, of course there will be a little disturbed by the presence of ads that will be on the WhatsApp Story.

In addition, WhatsApp does offer interesting features ranging from sending messages to reply to messages automatically, while for this one feature will reply to messages automatically if there is a message entered on WhatsApp you, How about how to do it? See the following methods, namely by using GbWhatsApp.

How to Automatically Reply to WhatsApp Messages:

  • The first step is to download the GbWhatsapp application on the Google Play Store or click here.

  • After that, install the Gbwhatsapp application as usual on your smartphone.
  • Then after that run the application and enter your WhatsApp number.
  • The next step select point 3 in the upper right corner and select Gb Settings.
  • Then in the GB Settings menu select Auto reply message.

  • Then activate the auto reply message feature. Use * to answer all incoming messages automatically.
  • Next you can select the green circle in the lower left corner, to make settings such as the type of message and who will receive automatic messages.

This is a review of how to automatically reply to messages on WhatsApp. Hopefully the above review can be useful information, especially for you WhatsApp users who want to use the automatic reply feature, so and good luck!



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