Beware, Android Cameras Abused Hackers Monitor You

Nowadays smartphone users are increasing, especially in using android smartphones. Now you have to be more careful in guarding an android smartphone that concerns your personal privacy data. A research team managed to find a gap contained in the android camera can be misused by hackers with the aim of taking personal data.

From a source obtained by a group of researchers Checkmarx Security Research Team found a way to be able to access android phones.

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Even though the latest Android smartphone is equipped with additional patches to prevent the loss of personal data, this information is very useful for all of you users of the old version of the Android phone or who have not updated the phone to the latest version.

Hacked Hacker Android Camera

Hacked Hacker Android Camera

In the video uploaded on Tuesday (11/19/2019), Checkmarx claims that they can find a gap to be able to access data and even camera features on Android.

As a reference, Google makes third-party software applications to ask permission to access photos, videos and cameras by default.

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However, research shows they can access it without having to go through explicit permission from the user.

By manipulating security holes in Android, hackers can immediately gain control of the camera features in Android. The application can even take photos and videos without you knowing.

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Of course such a thing is very dangerous because hackers could have taken your photos while changing clothes without your knowledge.

Beware, Android Cameras Can Be Abused by Hackers to Monitor Your Activities

In July 2019, researchers immediately contacted Samsung and Google to quickly publish the latest patch on their camera application to prevent incidents that cause harm to the user’s side.

Google also asked all OEMs about the potential exploitation needed to fix the patch to overcome it.

It is recommended to all android users to ensure that the device system used is updated and uses a verified application in PlayStore, do not install unknown sources avoiding the Android camera being abused by hackers.

Thus the article about Android Cameras Can Be Abused by Hackers to Monitor Your Activity, hopefully this article is useful. If you have experienced it, write a comment column below.


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