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How to Send Messages to All Whatsapp Contacts Easily

Who does not know WhatsApp? Yes, Whatsapp is a social media application that is useful for communicating with people around via the internet network. Almost all smartphones must use Whatsapp. It can be seen from the number of downloads on the Google Play Store, but there are also users who want to download it via the APK file because there are many versions available for MOD Whatsapp.

Besides being very easy to use the Whatsapp application also presents many features to make it easier for its users. For example on the video call group feature, Send file document, and there are many more features that really make it easier for users to use Whatsapp.

Besides there are features like decent broadcasts on BBM, now you can try it on Whatsapp too. But you are still confused about how to use it right? Next, consider the steps.

How to Send Messages to All Whatsapp Contacts Quickly

  • First you have to open the Whatsapp application on your smartphone
  • After that click on the Chat tab that is in the corner of the application window.
  • Then select three vertical points located on the right corner of the screen window of your smartphone.

  • Then you will be displayed with the option here, then select
  • New Broadcast or New Broadcast.
    the next step you have to choose the names you want to send broadcasts on the list.
  • Then after you have selected you just simply click the green icon that is placed in the lower right corner of your message to be sent.
  • Finished

From the above method that we have conveyed, are you still confused? easy right? Thus the rare information that we can give to you, Hopefully this information can be useful for you and use this feature as well as possible, Good luck !.


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