Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Smartphone The Next Generation Appears

Smartphones in the present era are needed, almost everyone must have them, for example from the Xiaomi brand itself that has a gaming smartphone nicknamed Black Shark. Although it’s still not too long out, but from the survey reported by the Black Shark enthusiasts, it is increasing every day. The first Black Shark smartphone was launched in April last year in the country of China and received a good reception for its fans, and six months later the company has announced again the next generation of Xiaomi Black Shark Helo. After visiting the European market now Xiaomi began to expand its business by establishing operations in India.

Black Shark said that the office in India will be based in Bengaluru and led by David Li who is the Vice President of Black Shark Global. And in the Head of Marketing section it will be held by Chirag Nagendra who previously also served as Head of Oneplus Communication.

Shortly thereafter Black Shark also announced they were preparing for its operation in India, saying that the official date for the Indian debut would be announced a few days later ahead of the debut. Xiaomi besides selling smartphones on its debut, will sell like the Gamepad 2.0 Controller also in India.

In terms of hardware, there are actually not too many comparisons from the latest version of Black Shark Helo and its predecessors, so this smartphone still has to go to India. But from the news that is different, Black Shark 2 will be announced in April 2019. If in India marketing is successful, then Xiaomi will expand its business area to other countries.


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